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Frequently asked questions
"How can i take lessons with you?"

Send me an email with the contact form below. For more information about my rates and services, click here.

"Are you a clicker trainer?"

Yes and no. To train constructively and efficiently with food rewards, a bridge signal is required. The clicker is often used for this, but any other sharp and short sound the horse rarely hears outside of training will do. I use clickers sometimes, but I can just as easily work without.

"Can I take a lesson with your horse?"

I do not offer lessons with Deejay, but I will sometimes invite someone to practise some things with him just to get to know what it feels like to work with an experienced clicker savvy horse.

"Can you train anything with your method?"

Of course! In theory every trainer can train any horse any behaviour with any method as long as they get enough time to do it. But what I do is more than a method. Just like pressure-release is the common thread in all conventional and natural horsemanship methods, positive reinforcement is the common thread on the side of the spectrum where I’m at. Almost every animal, especially mammals, learn the same way and positive reinforcement is one of the four quadrants of operant conditioning. It is just a matter of finding the right setting, method and functional reinforcer for your horse. The next question would be “Should we train everything just because we can?”


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